The Great Salad Debate

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My husband and I are having this friendly debate over salads. My dearest likes salads but he typically doesn't consume them due to doubting the amount of nutritional value they hold.

I'm sold on salads and have no doubt of their value. I love the crunchiness of the lettuce, the juiciness of the tomatoes, the crispness of the cucumbers, the distinctive flavor of the onion... I could go on with more additions that makes a salad even more tasty. And don't get me started on the mixture of heavenly smells (that could be a subject for another article). As far as the nutrition itself is concerned, I'm too busy enjoying that bowlful of sensory delight to wonder about the amount of nutrients I'm getting.

What can I say? I tend to gravitate towards that which holds great beauty and tastefulness. Just look at the man I married (see pic below). Likewise, this man of mine tends to gravitate towards that which holds great healthy value (just look at the woman he married ;).

This debate is ongoing: 28 years and counting.

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