Favorite Ambience

Before I retire for the night, this is one of the ambient videos I watch. The cozy sense this ambience gives me is a wonderful feeling to drift off to sleep to.
Down in the valley below, the faint sounds of civilization can be heard: the bark of a dog, a train blowing its horn. But up on the hillside, underneath the shelter of the trees, there is the sound of the wind and the quietness of solitude.
In this moment I am most definitely in the mood for some sunshine, a gentle breeze whispering through the pines, and a powerful stream of white frothy water hurtling over the edge of a cliff with a thunderous roar.
This is one of those ambience videos that suddenly shows up, seemingly out of nowhere (kind of like the wind, right?), and I'm immediately captivated by it. I love windy days!
I am totally up for going on a Zen retreat, via an ambience video. I can while away many hours imagining myself relaxing on this rustic patio and being lulled into a peaceful meditative state by the calming ambient sounds.
This is one of those ambiences I can lose myself in and, when I am done absorbing the sight and sounds of it, I've found myself.
I just recently discovered this ambience and I am ecstatic about it! What an absolutely gorgeous day! The sky is clear, the sun is shining brightly, there's a cool, gentle breeze rustling through the grass and swaying the branches of the trees. And through the valley winds a sparkling stream that fills the senses with the sound of rushing water as it flows along.
Here's one way to cool down on a scorching summer day: listen to an ambient video of a roaring waterfall and imagine sitting on a rock near the river's edge, feeling the sprinkle of raindrops and getting soaked by the mist rising off of the cascading water.
This day and night ambience series is great for those times when I need to escape to some tropical paradise. I just imagine lounging on the balcony, feeling the cool ocean breezes while listening to the waves lap up on the beach.