Riding Off Into The Sunset

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I LOVE it when I am perusing through a diverse array of photos (on a free photo site) and I come across a photo that irresistibly draws me into it. The image above is one of those photos.

I hold my imagination personally responsible for that captivation. Using the glow of the sunset and the fog lingering in the air, my imagination cast a spell that lured me in and before I was fully aware of what was happening, I was effectively ensnared in a web of sensory delight. My senses, always on the alert and ready to answer that call, sprang into action and there was nothing I could do but "live" in that scene, imagining the scent of moisture, as well as the crisp feel of the breeze and the sound of it whispering through the pines.

As all moments do, that moment passed. Upon the return to reality (the realization I was still sitting at my desk and not actually traveling that photogenic road), the phrase "Riding off into the sunset" came to mind. My basic understanding of that phrase was a "happy ending to a story", but I turned to Google for further clarification. The search resulted in the definition of: To resolve or conclude things in a neat, happy, and satisfactory fashion.

The phrase "Riding off into the sunset" originated from western movies where, at the end of the movie, the cowboy has resolved things in a very satisfactory fashion (not sure it could be classified as neat but everyone is happy, including the movie-watchers) and he rides off into the sunset.

It is a feel-good ending to a story. But why put that ending only in a story? Why not put that ending in each day? We wake up each morning with the plans, or at least a general idea, of what we intend to accomplish throughout the day. So, at the beginning of the day why not include a plan to end the day in a neat, happy, or satisfactory way? You don't have to think of it as a plan, though. When the day comes to a close and the sky glows with the brilliance of the setting sun, simply think of it as "Riding off into the sunset."

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