Our Meadow

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I could write a book about our cat. For now, this article will have to suffice.

When we got our first cat, the one prior to our current cat, we were clueless to the impact a pet would have on us. But it didn't take long to find that out, by how captivated we would become with a pointy-eared, tail-wagging feline.

Allow me to introduce the furry member of our family. Her name is Meadow and she's over 10 years old. She speaks a different language but the meaning is clear: a soft rub on the pantlegs as a way of saying "Thank you for filling my bowl with food." When we're sitting at our desks, the gentle bat of her paw on our arms, signaling her intent to jump up on our laps, and rub her fur all over us. The little game she likes to play of running a short distance ahead and then stopping and looking back at us to see if we're going to chase her around the house.

During her moments of repose, with a teasing tone to our voice, we'll oftentimes ask her, "What good are you, Meadow? You just lay around and look cute." Her response is to stare at us with those big, round, marble-eyes, as if to say, "So? I'm here with you, aren't I?"

Her playfulness and companionship have become invaluable. She's not just a pet. She's one of us, with the added benefit of being a different species.

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I love that little sweet Meadow! She’s the bee’s knees ; )