Old Hundred Gold Mine

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Pictured in the photo is the last remaining structure of the Old Hundred gold mine, located on Galena Mountain near Silverton, Colorado.

Places such as this leave me pondering on what it was like at its heyday. I can read up on the history of the mine. It's inception was in the spring of 1872 when 3 brothers from Germany staked their claim high upon that mountain and began prospecting the veins for gold.

Upon further reading, the history tells the story of a mine that was beset with financial woes. Those three brothers didn't have enough money to continue developing the mine and, after 30 years of operation, they put the mine up for sale. The attempt to sell was unsuccessful and the mine was lost to back taxes. More efforts were put forth to make the mine profitable. More money and equipment was poured into it, with the results being less than desirable. In 1973 the mine was finally abandoned when it became all too clear the money going into it was more than the money coming out.

I can ponder on all of that. However, what I ponder on the most about this mining operation: Before the occupants of that boarding house stepped out onto the porch, did they take a deep breath and say their prayers?

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