For best results, use headphones.
Sometimes all I need is the sight and sound of a sun-dappled, swiftly-flowing river.
Ah, give me the open window, a cup of tea, and the sound (and the imagined smell and dampness) of the rain!
This ambience is great when you don't want a lot of sound but more of a feeling of being in this place, sitting at the open window and imagining the fresh ocean breeze wafting in.
This ambience video is a very relaxing way to start the day. I get to "sit" on a porch, sipping my coffee while listening to the soft morning sounds and watching the sun rise.
Somewhere, within the shelter and solitude of a forest, on the sun-lit banks of a rushing mountain stream, a peacefulness can be found.
What a breathtaking place to imagine being in!
The great benefit to this ambience video is it allows me to "experience" a gorgeous Spring morning in the middle of winter and a mountain stream while living in the desert.
I just LOVE the sound of the wind!