How many pencils could you produce from the carbon in the average human body?

The human body contains enough carbon which can produce graphite for approximately 9,000 pencils.

What is a hummingbird's heart rate?

While in flight, the hummingbird's heart rate can reach as much as 1,260 beats per minute.

What would you get if you combined all light colors?

You get white.

What kind of flower was once used as money?

Tulips, whose bulbs were once used as a form of currency in Holland

What was the original color of stop signs?


Who is pictured on the highest denomination U.S. currency ever printed?

President Woodrow Wilson is on the $100,000 bill.

How many standard AA batteries do you need to make up the same voltage as a 9-volt battery?

You need six AA batteries.

Which mammal has no vocal chords?


Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?