The Art Of Coloring

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When I was in the fourth grade I entered into the school district coloring contest. The subject material I was to color was a fruit and vegetable stand. Coloring pencils was the medium of choice. When the results of the contest were in, the teacher waltzed into the classroom, announcing, "We have the grand champion winner among us." She mentioned my name and hung the ribbon on the bulletin board for everyone to see.

Fast forward some 40 years later and I'm entering into the coloring arena again. Only this time I'm not pursuing an award. Or rather it could be noted that the "award" is the satisfaction of taking a black and white image and making it come alive through the application of color.

That process is my definition of art.

The sunflowers were printed out on Bristol paper and colored with PanPastels. I might be a bit crazy about the pastels. They are the best medium I've had the pleasure and privilege to work with. My mistakes can be erased and that "forgiveness" sold me on them, so much so it is my wish and desire to someday acquire all 90 pastels 🤩. A picture of my current PanPastel collection is included below:

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