A Stroll In The Fog

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If we lived near this boardwalk, it would be a place to get away to, especially when a thick blanket of fog rolls in and envelops it. At the sight of that eerie, mysterious mistiness, I wouldn't hesitate to don a waterproof jacket, slip on a pair of walking shoes, and take a stroll on those weather-beaten wooden planks. In the midst of my walk I would saunter over to the railing, pausing for a moment within the glow of one of those lamps, to listen to the silence that the fog further enhances.

The location of this boardwalk is currently unknown. But that doesn't stop me from imagining what being there would be like. It is interesting to note that, while envisioning taking a stroll down it through that blanketing dampness, this boardwalk has effectively (albeit figuratively) become a place I have "gotten away to".

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